Infused Water: An Interview with Real Simple

Hi Friends! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer. I was quiet over here last week due to the holiday weekend but behind the scenes I’ve been working hard on something I’m SO excited to share with you today. One of my favorite publications, Real Simple reached out to me for expert commentary on  … Read more

De-Bloat Day! A Plan for Getting Back on Track

If you woke up feeling like a Thanksgiving Day parade float on the day after Memorial Day, you may have over-indulged last weekend. Salty dogs on the BBQ, a few too many margaritas on the beach and pass the chips and salsa sounded great at the time. But now, you’ve got puffy eyes, swollen sausage  … Read more

Eating to Boost Your Metabolism!

In an effort to shed a few of the unwanted extra pounds that we may have put on over the holidays, we’ve spent the past few months on the blog discussing diets—the gluten free diet, the keto diet, and the moderation diet. But, diet schmiet. What if I told you today that there are simple  … Read more