Janine Whiteson’s approach to diet and nutrition isn’t all about waist trimming; it centers on a wholesome approach to living a healthful life. As a mom of two, her passion centers on the family unit. She believes that healthy habits start at home and they start during the very early childhood years. Janine teaches that eating healthfully doesn’t have to be a hassle and that small changes in diet and daily habits can have a huge impact on your heath. From teaching young parents healthy habits to install in their kitchens and homes, to empowering people to make healthy food and life choices, Janine believes that treating your body with kindness, listening to it, and giving it the attention it deserves is the foundation to healthy living.



For each client I work with, I create individual, daily food strategies. We are all unique and have our own set of food issues: emotional, practical and so on. In my experience, I've found it is vital that each person get his or her own distinct food plan that suits his or her particular lifestyle, eating habits, likes and dislikes, comfort foods and schedule. I will also help you to create a personalized nutrition blueprint. It will educate you on the right way to eat for your way of life.