Janine Whiteson offers a no-nonsense, commonsense guide to make your food life easier. I know from personal experience… Janine knows what she’s talking about.” — Al Roker, NBC’s Today Show

I am not into fad diets. They’re usually unhealthy and have no positive long term effects. Since we all have different needs and different lifestyles – these diets are one size fits all – which means they truly fit no one. I am not into gimmicks, they don’t work either. What I am into is teaching and coaching people about good, sensible nutrition. I will help you learn about eating wonderful foods that make you feel your best, and I will help you develop positive habits that will last your whole lifetime.

After receiving my Master’s in Nutrition, I ran the Nutrition department for the United Kingdom’s largest sports club. It was there that I discovered that people wanted delicious satisfying foods that were also good for them. And it was there that I realized that people’s food choices are wrapped up with their emotions. I began creating a down to earth philosophy toward food that really helps people to come to grips with out of control food lives. I even developed a wide range of recipes. My advice always takes into consideration the social, psychological and physical aspects of food with a clear understanding that eating well is so much more than what should or should not be eaten. After all, food is an integral part of our lives and culture.

What I will do for you:

For each client I work with, I create individual, daily food strategies. We are all unique and have our own set of food issues: emotional, practical and so on. In my experience, I’ve found it is vital that each person get his or her own distinct food plan that suits his or her particular lifestyle, eating habits, likes and dislikes, comfort foods and schedule. I will also help you to create a personalized nutrition blueprint. It will educate you on the right way to eat for your way of life.

I work with clients in person in the New York City area and also work with clients located across the USA via e-mail and phone. Please contact me to discuss your individualized nutrition plan.