Janine Whiteson, Nutritionist, MS, is a dietician and health expert with her own private practice in New York City. She couples her many years of experience both in the United States and abroad with her straight forward, practical advice to create comprehensive nutritional programs for individual and corporate clients.

Sharing her relatable health and diet tips, Janine has appeared several times on national broadcast outlets such as ABC’s, Good Morning America, Fox News, the Food Network and NPR. She has been quoted numerous times in prominent publications including, The New York Times, The Huffington Post, the Daily News, Allure magazine, G.Q. magazine and Self magazine, to name a few. Janine is also a contributor to the ever-popular Cooking Light cookbook series and was hired by Time Inc. as the publications media spokesperson. In addition to conducting satellite media tours on behalf of the publication with top tier broadcast outlets across the country, Janine also appeared several times on national television shows promoting their books and magazines. Today, Janine is a regular guest on the Sirius Satellite Radio show, Dr. Radio.

Janine’s book, “Get a Real Food Life” was published by Rodale in 2002. A huge success both in the United States and England, Janine’s book explains how to enjoy food while also learning to make conscious food decisions in an effort to get your body to work at an optimum level.

Janine received her Masters of Science in Nutrition at King College University of London, England. She then became the Director of Nutrition for the largest sports club in the United Kingdom, Cannons Sports Club—a health club in London with over 10,000 members. There, she coordinated the development and franchising of the 20/30 weight loss, exercise and nutrition program.

Janine later became Director of Nutrition programming for an exclusive health club on the Upper East Side of Manhattan – CASA Specialized Private Fitness. At CASA Janine created and coordinated a weight loss, exercise and nutrition program for CASA’s members. She also prepared meals for her clients while giving cooking lessons that helped transform her clients’ everyday eating habits.

Janine’s passion for helping others with health and diet issues through food and nutrition are deeply personal. When Janine was twelve years old, she was diagnosed with severe hypertension- dangerously high blood pressure- and spent three months in a New York City hospital. After trying numerous medications and experimental surgery, Janine and her family found the only cure to be a complete change in diet and food intake. The life-changes she made through food and diet have had a dramatically positive impact on both Janine’s health- and later on her career. Today, her passion often centers on helping today’s busy families live a more healthful, yet delicious, everyday life. In addition to providing clinical services to her ever growing client list on a day to day basis, Janine has hosted a series of lectures at Yorkville Preschool in New York City. Her lecture series is aimed at encouraging young mothers to instill nutritionally sound diets in their homes for both themselves and their children.

Janine resides in New York City with her husband, Dr. Jonathan Whiteson, and their two sons, Harris and Ellis.