Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day friends! In full transparency, the recipe that I am sharing today is not mine. But, it’s one that I stand completely behind in terms of health, taste and quality and with Valentine’s Day on the horizon, I just couldn’t not share!

This Magical Chocolate Mousse is so simple, so delicious and is so quick and easy to make that even if you are going out for a “love”ly dinner to celebrate, you can whip this up for a cozy dessert at home.

This is one of Jonathan’s very favorite desserts, one that he has been enjoying since he was a kid. And because I know the way to Jonathan’s heart, it will definitely be on the menu at our house tomorrow night.

I’ve talked before about my love of dark chocolate and why it’s so good for you. This recipe is no different. I encourage you to use very good quality chocolate – around 70% dark chocolate is perfect for this recipe. It’s easy to find and inexpensive.

This Magical Chocolate Mousse is vegan and lactose free and is so simple it’s really just two ingredients…dark chocolate and a little water! Yes water and chocolate do combine when melted and they combine beautifully!

Before I found this recipe, every single time I would try to make chocolate mousse at home, I would mess it up. But this recipe is tried and true and even if you don’t consider yourself a baker, I promise, you can make it too!

My only recommendation when getting to work is to not whip it for too long. You’ll know if you do so simply re-melt it and start again. I’ve done this and I promise it works and no one but you will ever know it even happened!

This Magical Chocolate Mousse is healthy for your heart and your love life! We’ll be topping ours tomorrow night with some fresh berries for some added flavor. I wish you and yours all the love and best wishes.

Happy Valentine’s Day! xx Janine

Valentine’s Day Dessert: Magical Chocolate Mousse


4 oz. good quality Dark chocolate – 70%

1/3 cup of water



1. Put ice in a large mixing bowl, and place a smaller bowl inside it.

2. Put the chocolate and water in a sauce pan – heat very gently on the stove until the chocolate melts and the water and chocolate are combined.

3. Pour the chocolate into the small bowl – whip with whisk. This will take anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes. Stop beating just as the mixture becomes thick and glossy, like frosting. As soon as you stop beating it will firm up, so stop beating as soon as it starts to look thick. Quickly spoon it into serving bowls or cups.

4. As I mentioned, if you whisk the mousse a little bit too long, it will have a grainy stiff texture. It still tastes great but, you can melt the chocolate in the saucepan and whip it again!

5. Serve immediately. Optional: Top with fresh berries of your liking.