Happy Monday friends and followers. I’m here today with what I think is a total game changer when it comes to not only your health but also your digestion, issues with bloating, sinking energy levels and more. I did a lot of research this Summer when a client of mine came to me frustrated. She had been eating very healthfully for a long period of time, getting ample amounts of exercise and plenty of sleep at night but she was STILL struggling. She was tired all the time and just could not beat the bloat! For years I’ve read about the health benefits of drinking pure celery juice on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. I know what you’re thinking…yuck! Celery juice? Why? Well here’s why…

Celery juice is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory foods that you can ingest. But that’s not all, it also has a tremendous number of healing properties for a plethora of health issues.  Before I list them all below, I want to point out one thing. While celery is naturally higher in sodium content than other vegetables (my clients with high blood pressure are right to be concerned with excessive sodium intake), it does not give a significant sodium load and should be considered as part of your daily allowance.  Celery’s naturally occurring sodium actually helps stabilize blood pressure, bringing it down when it’s too high and up when it’s too low. Further, it won’t dehydrate your organs—instead, it clings to toxic, dangerous salts from poor-quality foods and helps draw them out of your body.

If you’ve followed along with me for a while now you are well aware of my sensitivity with sodium. The above research came from a wonderful article on juicing celery that really dives deep into the health benefits of this miraculous juice. I highly recommend you read it to learn more: http://www.medicalmedium.com/blog/celery-juice.

Back to the healing properties of celery juice. Celery juice has been associated with: restoring the central nervous system, starving pathogens and un-productive bacteria and viruses, removing toxins from your liver and your intestinal track, boosting your energy, improving your digestion as it helps to rebuild Hydrochloric acid (read: BEAT THE BLOAT), improving kidney function, restoring adrenals glands, helping to purify the blood stream, reducing blood pressure, restoring the thyroid, all while helping to reduce depression, anxiety, confusion, bipolar disorder, memory loss, and so much more!

A few months ago my client started her celery juicing journey and she’s never going back!! Here’s what she said. “I’ve never felt better. Along with all the healing properties that I read about before starting this journey, I have also noticed many more benefits of drinking celery juice. My bloat is gone. I have less brain fog. I used to have a lot of joint pain that is almost completely gone. My skin is so much clearer. I used to experience a lot of heartburn…no more and lastly I just feel like I have my energy back.

Wow! I asked her if she noticed any negative effects. She mentioned that for a few days she felt a little “off” as she went through a sort of detox period but that it was 100% worth it in the end.

So if you’re ready to jump on the celery juice bandwagon. Here’s what you need to do:

I recommend investing in a good juicer. You can juice celery with a blender, however, you will need a nut milk bag to strain the juice if using a blender, but it is possible. I like this juicer. It’s an investment, but not as pricey as some and works great!

Next, in order to get a whole glass of celery juice you will need to juice a whole bunch. Wash it thoroughly and simply run it through the juicer.  Note: Buy organic celery. The juice tastes SO much better and it does not contain the pesticides that regular celery does.

The taste can take some getting used to. Stick with it. If you really can’t handle getting it down, you can add some cucumber juice to it. Although, I still recommend straight up celery.

Lastly, and unfortunately, this is not something that you can juice ahead of time, put in the refrigerator and set aside for later. You must drink the celery juice immediately after juicing and make sure it’s on an empty stomach. For optimum results, do not consume any other liquids or solids for 30 minutes.

That’s it! If you’re frustrated, experiencing any of the above mentioned health or diet issues, I highly encourage you to try juicing celery. It’s cheap, fast, and accessible.

My list of clients that now are curing mystery illnesses and restoring their health by simply drinking 16 ounces of this miracle juice each morning is ever-growing. Wishing you health and happiness. Xx Janine