Happy Monday, Friends. I was recently placing an order on Amazon and I thought to myself, I bet my blog readers would be surprised to learn just how many purchases I make in the health and wellness category right on Amazon. I’m sharing those items today. Some of them are things I’ve suggested to you in blog posts along the way and others are new items I’m just trying out.  I’ll try and make this easy so that you can just click each item and a link will send you right on over to Amazon to check them out. Here we go: what’s inside my cart!

Benefiber Fiber Supplement: If you read my blog post a few months ago, “Don’t Poo Poo the Power of Poop”, then you know how important I think fiber is. I never go without my Benefiber and these awesome on the go sticks are one of the first things I pack when traveling! Easy, compact, necessary supplement!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides: Just last week I shared an article that I was featured in on the importance of a collagen supplement. I LOVE this brand and I recently found that they make single serving packets for traveling. I’m purchasing these so that I never leave home without my collagen.

8Greens: This is one that I have not shared before but an item that I’ve been using and love. 8Greens is a dissolvable tablet that you add to your water each morning. Each tablet provides you with 8 essential real greens, straight from the farm; spinach, wheatgrass, kale, blue green algae, spirulina, aloe vera, chlorella and barley grass. Incredibly rich in nutrients and super hydrating, these tablets also only have no sugar and only 10 calories. Great for getting all your greens in on the go!


GG Scandinavian Bran Crisp Bread: Remember my beloved GG crackers? I talked all about them in a blog post about, “What I Eat in a Day”. I eat them for breakfast, for snacks, and even lunch–I top them with cottage cheese or salsa. They are a great way to feel satisfied without overdoing the carbs. Love them!


Natural Vitality Natural Calm Drink: I’ve stressed the importance of magnesium on the blog several times before. This is one of my absolute favorite magnesium supplements. It dissolves in water and helps restore your body’s natural magnesium levels while also providing you calcium and keeping you “regular”.

Airtight Leak-proof Containers: Remember my post on healthy air travel? Well I’ve got some traveling coming up and I’m in desperate need of some new containers.  These have great reviews so I’m going to order them and give them a try!

Fiber d’LISH Bars: My all-time favorite on the go snack bar. They come in all different flavors, are delicious, satisfying and full of fiber.


5 Blade Spiralizer: This is a new purchase for me. When I’m trying to eat pretty low-carb I love to make zucchini noodles for me and my family to replace pasta. This spiralizer looks great. It comes with lots of attachments that will be great for salads and my beloved soups too! It has over 1500 perfect reviews so I’m going to give it a spin! I’ll report back!


Supergoop! Sunscreen: Friends, we all know how important sunscreen is. I tried this brand of sunscreen for the first time this Summer and my whole family is hooked. You can purchase it in small or large containers, it goes on super smooth, provided no breakouts and gave us all great coverage from the sun.

CRZ Running Shorts: These were a huge score that I actually learned about from another blogger! Some of the most comfortable work out shorts that I’ve ever tried on and honestly, almost identical to the Lululemon shorts that I already own for a fraction of the price. You need these!

ELCO LAB Cooktop Clean Cream: This last one is a little random but a favorite of mine. Since I’m always stressing the importance of home cooking, I thought I’d share my favorite cream cleaner for the stovetop. I’ve used them all and this is the best!

There you have it, my recent Amazon purchases. If you like this sort of thing, let me know! You know I’m always happy to share! Happy Shopping! Xx Janine