Now that it’s officially Summer, the invites to pool parties and backyard BBQ’s are rolling in and today I’m here to share some tips for healthy eating so that your hosts aren’t “rolling” you out! I don’t know about you but every single time I go to a BBQ I tend to overeat. The burgers and hot dogs, all the delicious sides and do doubt all the desserts and cocktails. It never fails, I overeat and then I end up feeling stuffed, and tired, and in no mood to put on my swimsuit the next day. So, last Summer I decided to come up with a little game plan, a few strategies for enjoying all these Summer festivities without over-indulging. I thought you might like to put them into practice too. Here’s what I do now:

First things first. The day of, I drink copious amount of water. I hydrate all day long. This helps for lots of reasons. First, it fills you up! The more water you drink, the more full your stomach thinks you are so you do not overeat.  Second, it’s hydrating…duh! A lot of times the foods served at BBQ’s can be high in salt. This is preemptive and it helps. It’s also pretty much a no brainer that you’ll be eating out in the heat and sun. Being hydrated will help you feel better all day.

This next tip is the most important. Do not under any circumstances show up to a BBQ starving. That my friends is a recipe for disaster. My favorite strategy for not overeating is to eat a high fiber snack right before leaving. My current favorite is those beloved GG crackers that I’ve shared here several times. I smear a small amount of goat cheese on top and I feel satiated and full when I arrive and therefore forgo the all the chips and dips.

This next strategy has everything to do with what you eat once you arrive. I’m always asking my friends and family, “what can I bring”? They almost always say, “nothing” but this is a great opportunity to ensure that there is something super healthy that I enjoy eating on the menu. My go- to healthy side to bring to the table is my homemade coleslaw. I’ll share the recipe below. It’s clean and fresh, super healthy and I promise you won’t miss any of the ingredients typically found in store-bought coleslaw.  Try bringing something healthy with you next time you’re a guest at a BBQ. It will help you make healthy choices while also being helpful to the host.

When you’re surveying the menu once you’re there, reach for the grilled chicken over the hot dogs (too high in salt). Enjoy some of a burger but forget about the bun and skip the cocktails full of unnecessary sugar and calories.

Janine’s Healthy Homemade Coleslaw


Two bags of shredded coleslaw

3 Tablespoons of olive oil

1 cup of red wine vinegar


Mix all ingredients together and add more oil and vinegar to taste!

I can see and almost smell 4th of July on the horizon. Take some of these tips along with you on your BBQ circuit over the next several weeks. They’ve helped me out tremendously and I know they’ll help you too. And remember, everything in moderation…no deprivation. Happy 4th of July Friends. I’ll see you back here after the holiday! xx Janine