Happy Monday, Friends. I have a treat for you today. A client of mine has recently had a tremendous amount of success shedding the last of the unwanted weight she’s been wanting to lose for over a year! Since last May she has tried virtually every work out plan/class in the book and she finally found something that has worked for her. I thought I’d invite her over here on the blog today as a guest to fill you all in. We sat down in my office last week for a little Q & A….here’s how it went.

Q: OK, I was so happy for you when you told me that you finally lost that last ten pounds I’ve been talking to you about forever! How are you feeling?

A: Honestly, I’m feeling really good. I have to say that when you asked me if I wanted to share this sort of process over on your blog with your followers at first I felt kind of silly because I don’t think anyone will believe it. It was the easiest, fastest, cheapest thing I have tried yet and the only thing that worked.

Q: Before we dive into what your workout plan actually consists of now, I think it’s important that you fill everyone in on everything that you’ve tried that DIDN’T work.

A: Yes, sure! I want to start by saying that I’m not a nutritionist or a personal trainer, I’m just a busy, working from home, mom trying to stay healthy and fit and juggle it all.  My youngest daughter only goes to school for a few hours a few days a week so I try to cram every single thing I need to get done for our family plus a workout in and that can be really difficult.

Q: I remember you telling me about the first class you signed up for. Wasn’t it only 30 minutes but super challenging?

A: Yes! The first new fitness craze I signed up for last May was a HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Boot Camp Class. I actually loved that it was only 30 minutes long (see above about not having much time!). Each class was filled with visiting different stations that targeted different parts of the body. Just when I thought I was going to pass out and couldn’t do another rep, it was time to visit the next station. Stations consisted of burpees, running up and down stairs with weighted balls, lifting weights, etc. I did this class for a year. My friends LOVE it. Other than noticing that the back of my thighs, a problem area for me, seemed a bit tighter and smoother, I saw virtually no changes to my body after a year. The scale didn’t budge which I know could be because I was also gaining muscle but my clothes weren’t fitting any better either. 30 minutes just wasn’t cutting it for me so……moving on!

Q: Ok, so you learned that one wasn’t for you. I have heard really great things about HIIT training but I have to say it’s not really for me either. What did you try next?

A: The next class I became obsessed with was spinning. For six months, I attended a spinning class at my local Cycle Bar. I became hooked quickly. I loved the loud upbeat music, the push you received from the awesome instructor, the dark room where no one could see me virtually turning into a puddle. But oh my gosh…that was hard on my body. My hips, my knees, my back….I know I’m getting old but I couldn’t keep it up.  I’m aware that some might say that this was because I was “doing it wrong” but for two months I would stay after to ask the instructor if there were any changes I could make and there wasn’t anything she could pinpoint. I WANTED to stay but alas I had to move on…..

Q: I LOVE spinning. You know that, my friends know that. I just love it! Soul Cycle is totally up my alley but I get it, it’s not for everyone. And, so good that you listened to your body before you did some serious damage. Were there any others you tried before finding something that worked?

A: Yes! Ok so the last craze I tried before I found my new favorite workout routine was Bar Method. I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with it. It’s sort of a ballet/Pilates approach to losing inches. This one I couldn’t even pretend to like. Here’s why: I need to really sweat for me to feel like my work out was worth it. This didn’t do it for me. I will say that I felt my muscles quiver when doing movements I’d never done before so I’m sure this class in conjunction with something else would have benefits for me but if I have one hour to work out while my littlest is at preschool, I want to sweat.

Q: I actually think that sounds like something I might like since I love Yoga and Pilates but yes, I agree. A good cardio session is definitely needed to kick start weight loss. So…..no to HIIT Training, no to Spinning, no to Bar Method. Check, Check, Check. What happened next?

A: One day when my daughter was home from school I was doing laundry in the basement and took a glance at my long lost friend the treadmill that was sitting over in the corner. Embarrassing I know, it was sitting there all dusty and unused and here I was all ten pounds overweight and paying a fortune to try out every new fitness class within a 30 mile radius. I looked at it and remembered how much I HATE running. But, I started to think. This would cost me nothing, I could do it while my kids were home and occupied and it’s something I hadn’t tried in a while. I started researching and found and article….”Walking on an incline to lost weight FAST”! I gave it a whirl.

Q: Can you tell my followers exactly what you did? Speed? Duration?

A: Sure. I got on the treadmill and set my incline to as steep as my treadmill would allow. I have an older machine so my maximum incline was 10.0. I set my speed to 3.6 and I started walking. I refused to let myself grab onto the handlebars and I just walked. For 50 minutes, I walked and I listened to music. It was hard. At times, I was really winded and even felt sick but I kept going. When I got off, the treadmill read 3.0 miles and 629 calories. I was soaked.

I did it again the next day, and the day after that and the day after that and now, I’m doing just that 5 or 6 days a week—50 minutes a day. And guess what, I lost the weight! It’s gone. I’m doing this from my house, for free, and it’s gotten easier!

Q: A-mazing! I’m so happy for you! I’m starting this program like yesterday. Before we go on though, I want to fill my readers in on why this “walking towards weight-loss” is healthy for lots of other reasons in addition to losing weight.

Walking is an immune booster. People who walk just 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week have a reported 43% fewer sick days than those who don’t.

Women who walk 4 hours a week have a much lower risk of hip fracture and other bone issues that those who don’t.

Walking has proven to lower your risk of developing breast cancer after menopause than if you log less than 3 hours a week walking.

Walking is great mood booster.

And, walking is great for your heart. Regularly walking 3miles an hour or faster can cut your risk of heart disease by half, compared with walking 2 miles an hour or slower, according to a new study in Circulation.

A: I agree with all of the above. Even on the days I don’t feel like doing it, I feel so much better once I’m done.

Q: I know the answer to this but I know everyone will be interested…over this extended period of time, when you started the treadmill incline walking, did you change your diet at all?

A: No I didn’t and that was the crazy part. I have to say I do try to limit my carb intake during the week so that I can have fun and be more wreck less with my food choices over the weekend but during that time I didn’t make any changes. I always have a glass of wine with dinner at night and I try not to give myself too much grief about it, especially if I know I’ve gotten my walk in that day.

Q: I think this information will be so helpful to so many. I mean, you even made me feel better. I went to a workout class this weekend that people rave about and I HATED it. I kept thinking, was it me? Am I out of shape? I think this a great reminder to people to keep trying different workout plans until they find something that works for them!

A: Absolutely. I hope everyone struggling to find their “thing” gives it a try! I’m so glad I did!


Happy Walking! xxJanine