Smart, Savory Sides for Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thursday, friends! I’m here today to share some recipes—recipes that I hope that you will want to add to your Thanksgiving menus this year. We’re just a week away, so let’s get cooking! First things first—and I really hope that you’ll still want to be friends with me after I get a little real  … Read more

My Battle Against High Blood Pressure

How I Fought High Blood Pressure and Embraced a Healthful Life A warm welcome to my new blog where I’m looking forward to helping you with any health issues and weight loss. I’ll be offering practical, clinical advice on topics like lowering high blood pressure without medicine. And, as a dedicated mom who has created  … Read more

I’m Janine Whiteson, NYC-Based Nutritionist, MS

Welcome! Well, I finally flipped the switch! For years I’ve been wanting to put myself out there. I’ve wanted to create a space where I could share what I’ve learned about nutrition and diet…about living a healthful life, about trying to balance it all. I’ve learned so much through my journey to becoming who I  … Read more